Mastering the EP

Last steps before releasing the EP. Today, mastering with Nick Litwin at Mastering Mansion Madrid, refining the sound to the maximun. Read more

New Studio Sessions Video

New video posted on Youtube.

Studio Session Day #10 and #11

Spring has come, and because of temperature change, all guitars were out of tune, so is Rising Again song we recorded last week. ‘The cursed song’ as Dapica says.

We have been delayed a bit, but after re-adjusting guitars and re-recording entire Rising Again, everything’s running smoothly.

Saturday afternoon was Failure Mode lead vocal session.

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Studio Session Day #7, #8 and #9

Last weekend we’ve been recording guitar arrangements with Moi, first Sara’s voices  for After Pride (it sounds brutal) and last Gilby’s bass guitar. Not long until everything is recorded and we start with the mixing part.

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New Studio Video in Youtube

New Studio Sessions video posted on our Youtube channel.